Structural carbon FRP fabric

The CSS-CUCF44F carbon FRP fabric—the heaviest code-listed grade—has joined company’s Composite Strengthening Systems for concrete or masonry structures. Upgraded with new, flat-weave fiber technology, the 44-oz. fabric now saturates as easily and quickly as lighter fabrics, significantly reducing installation time. Fiber-reinforced polymer systems, engineers note, are created by combining carbon fabrics with a polymer material and commonly used in concrete…

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Sakrete enters professional aisle with higher psi, faster-setting mixes

Sources: Sakrete, Atlanta; CP staff

Sakrete arrived at World of Concrete 2019 poised for launch of its Pro-Mix series, formulated and packaged with an eye to construction supply house channels and department of transportation projects. Distribution of the professional grade mixes is scheduled for the first quarter, beginning in the Southeast. Four products chartering the Pro-Mix program are: 

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