Master Builders Solutions builds out Concrete Now! app functionality

Sources: Master Builders Solutions, Beachwood, Ohio; CP staff Master Builders Solutions’ new Concrete Now! app, available in desktop, plus mobile iOS or Android versions, equips concrete practitioners with fiber dosage, carbon footprint, surface evaporation, and mix temperature or volume calculator or estimator tools.  “Producers have many facets of their business to manage each day, and we understand the intricacies of making small improvements…

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BASF’s Concrete Now! application: Informative, interactive, spontaneous


A versatile smartphone application BASF has released in the U.S. and Canada, Concrete Now!, affords instant access to information on concrete properties. Intended for contractors, engineers, architects and producers, the free app serves as a channel to basic knowledge on the fundamentals of concrete use. It includes concepts and design factors, plus interactive tools that provide answers related to concrete slump, air, finishability and set time.

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