EPA backs IsoTruss carbon fiber concrete reinforcement research

A composite materials specialist seeking a greater role for construction-grade carbon fiber has garnered a $100,000 Environmental Protection Agency Small Business Innovation Research Program award for development of reinforced concrete increasing telecommunication tower performance in the face of natural disaster exposure. “Infrastructure must become safer, longer lasting, and more sustainable,” says Nathan Rich, chief executive officer of Springville, Utah-based IsoTruss…

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Major underwriter seeds Connecticut foundations repair fund

Sources: The Travelers Companies Inc., Hartford, Conn.; CP staff

A $5 million Travelers Cos. fund will assist Connecticut customers whose homes exhibit concrete deterioration associated with expansion attributed to pyrrhotite, an iron sulfide-bearing compound identified in aggregate from a Willington, Conn. quarry. The voluntary Travelers Benefit Program offers up to $25,000 and $10,000, respectively, to current and past policyholders whose repair costs exceed awards from the recently launched Connecticut Foundations Solutions Indemnity Company (CFSIC). 

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Foundation end use determines state’s taxing of ready mixed and rebar

Source: Ryan LLC, Dallas

Missouri provides contrasting outcomes regarding the application of sales tax to purchases of concrete for foundations. The Missouri Department of Revenue’s mid-February Letter Ruling 7780 concludes that a taxpayer’s purchase of ready mixed and rebar used to construct wind turbine tower foundations qualifies for the sales tax exemption covering machinery and equipment used in manufacturing.

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