California producers’ carbon volley

Two years of major gestures surrounding greenhouse gas emissions in cement and concrete production or procurement solidify California’s reputation for incubating policy. In October 2021, the California State Senate passed SB 596, charting a regulatory course for Golden State cement producers to attain net-zero carbon operations by 2045. The California Nevada Cement Association concurrently published an SB 596 action plan,…

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California producers state terms for net zero carbon concrete 

Sources: California Construction and Industrial Materials Association, Sacramento; CP staff “Achieving Net Zero Concrete in California: Pathways, Opportunities, and Barriers” is a new report with which the California Construction and Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA) intends to inform policymakers and the public about members achieving carbon emissions reduction goals, or net carbon neutrality. Authors assess what opportunities are most achievable by…

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EPA take stock of Diesel Emissions Reduction Act deliverables

A new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report attributes significant air quality improvements to the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA), federal legislation aimed at protecting health and conserving truck fleet fuel.  “Reducing harmful diesel emissions results in cleaner air and healthier communities, and this bipartisan legislation is delivering these benefits to communities across the nation,” says EPA Administrator Michael Regan. “The…

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Materials coalition challenges state’s endangered species determination

The California Construction and Industrial Materials Association, representing concrete, aggregate and mineral producers, has joined a coalition of disparate business and land use interests in a lawsuit challenging the process behind the California Fish and Game Commission’s consideration of listing the western Joshua tree as a potentially threatened species.

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January 2014 Briefs



Per Faivre, Director of Construction Services.

Waukesha, Wis.-based Spancrete has named Per Faivre director of Construction Services, where he will focus on implementing the producer’s commitment to increasing value for customers and maximizing efficiency through all phases of the precast project. Faivre will oversee and direct project managers, superintendents, erection crews, subcontractors and related services. A civil engineer with a degree from the University of Illinois, Faivre previously worked as the precast division leader at Area Erectors, Inc., based in Rockford, Ill.

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