Feds validate binder blend: limestone + high fly ash + Type III portland

Sources: National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Md.; CP staff

Adding limestone powder to fly ash-rich mixtures can improve finished concrete performance when measured against more conventional formulations, note NIST and Federal Highway Administration researchers in an August report, “Ternary blends for controlling cost and carbon content.”

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Consumers Concrete adopts fly ash-based CeraTech cement


Following success in commercially developing and marketing a line of durable and sustainable cements, CeraTech USA, LLC is now focused on building a national distribution and support network.
Consumers Concrete Corp., Michigan’s leading ready mixed concrete, block, and aggregate producer, recently became a distributor for CeraTech brands. “We are always looking for leading edge technologies,” says CEO Tom Thomas, adding that the binder fits plants already using Class C ash and proved easy to plumb through batch panels.

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