Ceratech cites commercial system to match ASTM C150 product with Class C ash

Sources: Ceratech Inc., Alexandria, Va.; CP staff

By Don Marsh

A company known for packaged dry or pre-mixed concrete repair or mortar geared to specialty applications has announced a ‘carbon neutral system’ of liquid or powder agents imparting Types I–V portland cement performance characteristics in 100 percent fly ash binder mix designs.

With a green light-basked polar bear as trademark, Ceratech unveiled Ekkomaxx at the 2011 Precast Show (January 27–29, Charlotte, N.C.), noting initial testing efforts in manufactured concrete, where producers have greater control over specifications than their counterparts in ready mixed. The company is promoting the technology’s potential for rapid deployment at existing plants, with Class C fly ash charged from dedicated silo compartments and five Ekkomaxx admixtures dispensed from conventional ground or floor tanks.

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