Sika business Colorbiotics crafts pigments for 3D-printed mortar/concrete

Sources: Colorbiotics, Ames, Iowa; CP staff

Colorbiotics, a Sika company known for products imparting vibrant and long-lasting colors in mulch, rubber, rock and sand, is entering the 3D concrete printing market with CB3D. Early users of the highly pigmented, liquid colorant include Utah-based Pikus3D, which has demonstrated its strong potential in concrete/mortar ink for seating and benches. Clear coatings equip the furnishings for outdoor exposure. 

CB3D colorants enliven Pikus3D furnishings, whose quality is reflected in printing to within 0.125-inch tolerances of their models. 

“We have proven we can produce the highest-quality colors for other markets,” says Colorbiotics Vice President Kent Rotert. “We are thrilled with the vibrancy and durability of our colors in 3D-printed concrete. CB3D is a really cool product with all types of possibilities, especially outdoor-use applications that require a higher quality to withstand the elements.”   —

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