CalPortland licenses processes, acquires equipment from Solidia Technologies

Sources: Solidia Technologies, San Antonio, Texas; CP staff

Solidia Technologies has entered a patent licensing and asset sale agreement providing CalPortland Co. new material or process options in its pursuit of lower carbon dioxide emissions attending cement and concrete deliveries in Western U.S. markets. Solidia Technologies’ namesake cement gains strength through CO exposure versus the portland cement hydration mechanism. In addition to imparting carbonation characteristics in concrete, the branded material achieves significant CO2 emissions reduction when measured against portland cement due to lower production temperatures and reduced limestone calcination.   

“We continue to focus on decarbonization opportunities that lead to meaningful and innovative carbon reduction for the cement and concrete industries,” says CalPortland Chief Operating Officer Bill Mullen. “Our Carbon Reduction Team has worked diligently with Solidia Technologies to enter into this licensing agreement and asset purchase that will help us achieve our sustainability goals.”

“CalPortland’s unwavering commitment to decarbonization of the cement and concrete industries makes it a great partner for continuing the vast development and research advanced by Solidia for more than a decade ago,” affirms Solidia Technologies CEO Russell Hill. Following the CalPortland agreement, he adds, the company expects to continue to work with licensing partners to provide low carbon solutions embodied in more than 300 patents or patent applications across the globe.