Forney scales compression, flexural, splitting test machine for pavers

The leader in test machinery for concrete and mortar specimens has tailored a new model for paving stones. Forney LLC has engineered the FW-100-VFD machine to accommodate wider than normal concrete specimens and for tests that require larger “inframe” tooling. The machine is especially suited to delivering consistent, accurate results for ASTM C1782, Standard Specification for Segmental Concrete Paving Slabs testing.

Along with a frame of structural steel angles, welded to top and bottom crossheads of solid steel plate, the machine’s main components are variable frequency drive (VFD); Windows-based touchscreen human machine interface (HMI); pressure transducer that provides pressure feedback; E-stop PB; limit switch; and, solenoid-operated dump valve. The hydraulic cylinder assembly is mounted to the top crosshead, with force being applied in a downward direction. This design eliminates foreign material build-up around the piston cylinder area.

The hydraulic unit is supplied as a complete, fully integrated assembly. The unit is pre-piped and pre-wired. The HMI, hydraulic unit, E-Stop, and dump valve are directly connected to the compression unit. Single unit design permits easy installation and provides portability without disassembling of hydraulic or electrical components. A PC-based system utilizes a VFD to control the hydraulic pump motor. This maximizes efficiency by only running the pump at speeds necessary to achieve the desired pressure. This energy-efficient approach dramatically reduces heat build-up in the hydraulic system and greatly extends hydraulic component life. Topping FW-100-VFD safety features are a high-pressure safety relief value to protect the hydraulic circuit and load frame from exceeding maximum capacity, and a piston over-extension limit switch system.

Setup of testing protocol, real-time display of test data, and post-test data transfer is accomplished through the ForneyLink touchscreen HMI. The operator can navigate options for Test Run, Test Setup, Machine Setup, Calibration, Reporting and Data Transfer, and Diagnostics. The touchscreen provides simultaneous display of force, stress, and rate of load and displays a real-time graph of Load vs. Time, or Stress vs. Strain. Standard functionality includes data collection by the ForneyLink HMI for printing and transfer. — Forney LLC, Zelienople, Pa., 724/346-7400;,