Producers – June 2024

Greg Force

Tindall Corp. has announced the mid-year retirement of Chief Executive Officer Greg Force, who joined the six-plant precast, prestressed concrete operator in 1988 as chief engineer of Tindall Concrete Virginia Inc., now the Virginia Division. Ahead of executive appointments, beginning with Virginia vice president and general manager in 1998, he excelled in engineering, sales, operations and project management capacities. Force transferred to corporate in 2004, serving for 14 years as president and chief operating officer, and was named CEO in 2018.

“Over the past 36 years, Greg has been instrumental to the success of Tindall,” says Chairman Willy Lowndes. “His vision and leadership have brought the company to where it is today. We honor his excellent service to our team and celebrate the legacy he will leave behind.”

“There have been countless successes to celebrate and numerous challenges to navigate. We’ve undertaken many rewarding opportunities to synergistically create innovative market solutions across a broad spectrum of sectors,” adds Force, who along with executive duties served as 2012 Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute chair and earned PCI Titan of Industry honors two years later. “It’s gratifying to know the ‘can-do’ attitude and the dedication to doing what’s right are both alive and well at Tindall. I am confident they will continue to inspire the company’s future growth.”

Force oversaw evolution of heritage precast, prestressed and utility precast divisions to their current alignment under Tindall Building Systems and Tindall Infrastructure brands. Tindall Corp. President Cheryl Lang will maintain her title of 18 months and become CEO on July 1. She joined the producer in 1990 as controller, progressing through roles in finance and administration.

Cheryl Lang

Chaney Enterprises has strengthened its footprint in the nation’s capital region, acquiring Monumental Concrete of Washington, D.C. The deal brings “an incredible fleet of mixers, a state-of-the-art ready-mix plant, and a passionate group of team members.” The plant is located in the southern tip of the District of Columbia, close to an Interstate 495 Beltway interchange, and will operate under Mid-Atlantic Vice President and General Manager George Priftis.

“We are excited to be able to provide our D.C. customers with improved logistics and an incredible local group of new family members,” says CEO Francis Hall Chaney III. “We believe this will allow us to provide more efficient services to our D.C. Metro market area.”

Arizona-based RWC Building Products has closed on New Mexico Plaster & Supply, a leading source of concrete materials in Albuquerque. “The acquisition not only strengthens our capabilities in the stucco market but also expands our geographic reach,” says RWC President Tommy Montgomery. “We are excited to uphold the legacy of this respected company as a wholly-owned subsidiary while aligning it with our broader strategic objectives. We look forward to the positive impact this acquisition will have on the communities we serve, ensuring long-term benefits for our customers and partners.”