AICrete migrates QC platform to mobile platform

Sources: AICrete, Richmond, Calif.; CP staff

A new app from AICrete, a leading software developer applying artificial intelligence to concrete production, combines the functionality and power of the company’s all-in-one Quality Control platform with mobile technology convenience and flexibility. Available now on the App Store and Google Play, AICreteOS mobile furthers the company’s commitment to making delivery of optimized concrete easy, convenient and accessible.

“Our customers can have all the capabilities of an AI-powered Quality Control platform at their fingertips,” says AICrete CEO and Founder Parham Aghdasi. “More importantly, using AICreteOS, our customers can change concrete’s impact on the environment by cutting carbon emissions by 20 percent or more.” Data from 40 projects, he adds, indicate AICreteOS can be an important tool in curbing concrete’s carbon footprint; to date, users have cut or avoided 36,852 tons of CO2 emissions and realized $3.07 average savings per cubic yard. 

AICrete launched the AI-powered platform in 2020 to address pressing industry challenges, including raw material variability, performance inconsistencies, and environmental impact. The company works with concrete producers to source, test, and analyze their local materials, using machine learning to identify and optimize mix designs for more profitable and sustainable concrete. AICrete backs its technology by providing live customer support, automated workflows and operational insights. 

“We are thrilled to be among the first to deploy AICreteOS, the first comprehensive Quality Control system fully available for mobile, not just partial solutions,” affirms Jan Holt, director of Quality, Research & Sustainability for Maryland-based ChaneyEnterprises. “Our team is always on the go; AICreteOS gives us the ability to manage quality in real time.”

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