ACI schedules charter meeting for Committee 243, Seawater Concrete

Source: American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Mich.

The American Concrete Institute has formed a committee whose mission is to develop and report information on concrete made with brackish, saline, and brine water and sea aggregates. The inaugural ACI Committee 243, Seawater Concrete meeting will be November 3 at the ACI Concrete Convention in Philadelphia. The committee formation “is another critical step to show our commitment to sustainability,” says ACI 243 Chair, 2023 ACI President and University of Miami Professor and Antonio Nanni. “Saving fresh water and natural aggregates is a global goal and the active presence of ACI in this space will facilitate the development of knowledge and documentation necessary to attain it.”

Individuals interested in contributing to ACI Committee 243 can complete an application through the main ACI member/new member portal.