Producers – April 2024

Jacob Homiller

CarbiCrete, Montreal-based developer of carbon-wise concrete binding agents and curing methods, has named Jacob Homiller as chief executive officer. He succeeds Chris Stern, co-founder, who will remain with the organization as a strategic advisor. Homiller has more than 25 years’ experience with various global industrial businesses. He was most recently president and CEO of H.C. Starck Solutions, a portfolio company of Advent International and The Carlyle Group providing a range of high-performance metal solutions. He brings a track record in strategic and commercial leadership as well as operational execution.

Pittsburgh-based L.B. Foster Co. has unveiled a new visual identity following a 12-month consultation with internal and external stakeholders. The objective was to articulate a customer-centric organization that has a clear vision and core purpose, “We innovate to solve global infrastructure challenges,” capturing the breadth of the company’s solutions and market application diversity. The steel and precast concrete product specialist has also pegged five primary areas of influence that add value to customer partnerships across global rail and North American infrastructure market segments: enabling safety, improving information flow, keeping things moving, monitoring conditions, and enhancing environments.

“We have come a long way over the 20 years since our now widely recognized red and black L.B. Foster logo was introduced,” says CEO John Kasel. “Since then, we have continued to grow, acquiring and divesting businesses along the way. We wanted to invigorate how we present ourselves visually, while also refining our core purpose into a clear and simple message. Our new brand identity retains our respected logo type, but with the addition of a new graphic ‘centrifuge’ icon. The centrifuge represents the momentum of our business and is a concept that acknowledges our engineering history. It’s modern, fresh, and inspiring, connecting the business we are today with the aspirations we have for tomorrow.”