Ganterud lifting yoke expedites crane load balancing and transfer

The 2024 Precast Show in Denver saw the North American market debut of the Ganterud L20-3 Pro Capacity load balancing device, engineered to assist in rapid architectural or structural concrete element leveling in plant, yard or site picks. Ganterud Lifting Solutions AB, Sweden, has delivered 350-plus L20-3 and smaller L5 units in Europe since introducing the load balancing concept in 2017.

Suited to 20-tonne duty with bridge, gantry or boom cranes, the L20-3 functions as a radio remote controlled lifting yoke bearing a 6-meter chain and chain wheel. The chain has a reversible length of up to 3 meters per hook and can be precision levelled at two speeds. The chain wheel can be disengaged via the remote control for a free-running chain that operates as a snatch block, capable of turning heavier loads up to 90 degrees.

Ganterud Lifting Solutions engineers underscore the L20-3’s potential for increasing precast plant or construction site productivity rates. At the touch of a button, the device can easily and safely level architectural or structural panels and other precast elements—reducing crane and crew waiting times. An electric drive ensures the L20-3 can operate in all weather conditions. Ganterud’s primary representative, Dublin-based Hoistec Ltd., is overseeing the L20-3 and 5-tonne L5 model launch on this side of the Atlantic. — Ganterud Lifting Solutions North America, 702/605-4578;