Maturity monitor adds Performance-Based Temperature Differential Limit 

Sources: Brickeye, Toronto; CP staff

Construction-wise IoT device and data analytics technology developer Brickeye has unveiled Performance-Based Temperature Differential Limit (PBTDL), the newest LumiCon Concrete Monitoring feature. Through real-time data and analytics on mass concrete projects, the PBTDL method provides contractors, engineers, and project owners an advanced temperature differential limit directly tied to the concrete’s strength. The approach enables an increased allowed temperature differential, while still maintaining a safe threshold, through monitoring of the maximum temperature and temperature differentials. Ruggedized IoT-enabled sensors and devices equip project stakeholders to remotely and continuously access data in real-time, transmitted directly  from the job site to the cloud, without needing to be onsite to assess temperature or strength data.

“Because it provides key insights into data on concrete temperatures, temperature differentials, and strength, the PBTDL approach enables contractors to be more proactive from both a quality control and operational standpoint,” says Brickeye Co-Founder Amir Azhari. “This new methodology, which is supported by renowned engineering firms and government entities, can add significant value to infrastructure and heavy civil projects by providing more accurate information about the quality of critical concrete structures.”  —