Galvanized anchor

The Titen HD heavy-duty mechanically galvanized screw anchor imparts high load capacity in interior and exterior cracked or uncracked concrete and uncracked masonry. Its proprietary heat treatment and ASTM B695 Class 65 mechanically galvanized coating to deliver enhanced corrosion protection. The Titen HD is designed with serrated teeth that reduce driving torque and speed installation. It is also easily removable, making it suited for use in temporary applications like bracing and formwork, or fixtures that may need to be relocated after installation. Available in standard fractional sizes, the mechanically galvanized Titen HD also features an undercutting thread design to efficiently transfer loads to base materials. The hex washer head requires no separate washer (unless required by code), and the specialized heat-treating process creates tip hardness for better cutting without compromising ductility. — Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Pleasanton, Calif.,