Catching waves, saving shores

Aquatic restoration specialist Sea & Shoreline LLC and wave attenuation and erosion technology leader Living Shoreline Solutions Inc., both of Florida, have entered a joint venture to focus on multitrophic projects that restore, enhance, and protect coastal communities from severe storms, while also improving water quality through nature-based solutions such as seagrass restoration and creation of essential fish habitats. 

Sea & Shoreline’s aquatic restoration expertise is visible in several hundred fresh and saltwater habitat projects ranging from shoreline protection to complete transformation of algae-laden bodies of water into healthy, clean, sustainable ecosystems. Living Shoreline Solutions’ expertise lies in its patented Wave Attenuation Device (WAD), a precast concrete element that stops and even reverses shoreline erosion by reducing wave energy and promoting beach accretion. Modeled from natural coastal protection and marine life habitat characteristics of the world’s natural barrier reef systems, WADs can be placed as an offshore breakwater to attenuate oncoming wave energy to stop nearshore erosion, mitigating flooding in vulnerable coastline communities.

WADs are designed to become a part of surrounding wildlife sanctuary. The environmentally friendly pH neutral concrete structures are hollow with engineered angled cutouts on slanted sides that allow small fish and crustaceans to enter or pass through, and encourage oysters, barnacles, or other marine life to attach, thereby creating a sea life nursery in much the same way as seagrass.

“This new partnership allows us to provide another critical solution to help vulnerable coastline communities save their shorelines,” says Sea & Shoreline CEO Jeff Huenink. “Over the course of many years, Living Shoreline Solutions’ WADs projects have scientifically demonstrated shoreline enhancement.”

“WADs coupled with Sea & Shoreline’s habitat restoration techniques provide not only shoreline, but also habitat enhancement,” adds Living Shoreline Solutions President Scott Bartkowski.