Richfield Concrete enlists Holcim for branded, low carbon mixes

Sources: Richfield Concrete, Minneapolis; CP staff  

A leading provider of concrete paving solutions in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area has announced a proprietary mix, Titan 5000, formulated to withstand harsh Minnesota winters while embodying up to 50 percent lower carbon dioxide emissions than conventional alternatives. The carbon factor reflects contractor Richfield Concrete’s use of efficient machines and equipment, recycled materials, advanced admixtures, and a supply chain controlled by ready mixed producer Holcim US. Along with 5,000 psi design strength, the contractor promotes Titan 5000 mixes’ low water-cement ratio, internal curing and entrained air properties.

“Titan 5000 makes an outstanding choice to combat Minnesota’s constant freeze-thaw cycles and road salts. Through a combination of technology, craftsmanship, and ingenuity, the durable concrete mix is created with internal sealer and low carbon raw materials,” Richfield Concrete officials note. The environmental profile of Titan 5000, they add, is underpinned by certified sourcing and delivery practices.