Foundation programs Skate4Concrete as industry recruitment vehicle

Sources: Concrete Advancement Foundation, Alexandria, V a. 

The Concrete Advancement Foundation’s new Skate4Concrete program is a targeted recruitment strategy, connecting skateboarding community members to careers in concrete supply and construction. Project Cornerstone, an award-winning California non-profit organization, developed the program with Foundation funding. Recruitment videos featuring skaters, skatepark construction, and career opportunities in concrete were produced in cooperation with skateboarding icon Tony Hawk’s company, 900 Films. The site links skaters to career opportunities, plus a social media campaign and high school-level technical concrete certification program.

“Skaters have a unique appreciation for concrete as they regularly skate on concrete pavements and in concrete skateparks with creative and challenging features,” says Concrete Advancement Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini. “Skaters also tend to love the outdoors, new challenges and problem-solving—attributes we often associate with people who are successful in this industry.”

“We felt there was a real opportunity to connect skaters with concrete, an industry with a big need for talent and tremendous career opportunities,” adds Project Cornerstone Executive Director Crystal Howard. “Our vision is to increase skater knowledge of career paths in concrete, as well as concrete’s versatility, sustainability and durability as a construction material. Skaters love concrete, and they love it even more when they learn all it has to offer for a career and to society.”

Individuals, companies, school representatives and other interested parties are invited to an April 18 webinar, noon Eastern, 9 a.m. Pacific, to learn more about Skate4Concrete and how the program can be used to recruit talent to the concrete business. Free registration can be obtained here

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