Besser Servopac Infinity: Mold or table vibration, operator’s choice

Besser Co. engineers have for generations observed customers debate the selection of machines with mold or table (impact) vibration. With the manufacturer’s Servopac Infinity technology, producers no longer need to confront decisions on vibration type. 

The Servopac Infinity redefines unit masonry production with a game-changing, patented vibration system, Besser officials note. Producers can set up the machine to run either mold vibration or table vibration, depending on unit. Generally, the former mode is used for taller products to provide precise height control and density, while table vibration imparts better density in shorter products. With both vibration modes, the operator has full control over the frequency and amplitude independently. This allows fine tuning to create the ideal vibration needed for the specific product.

Beyond two vibration modes, the Infinity offers Servopac family hallmarks, positioning concrete masonry producers to maximize machine productivity through such features and benefits as: 

  • No pit needed for the foundation
  • Optional side mounted core puller
  • Increased mold life through precise Servo vibration
  • Mold and height changes in less than 15 minutes
  • Besser and competitive mold capability
  • Touch screen operation for machine controls
  • Streamlined design for easier maintenance
  • Product height range of 1-12 in. (25-300 mm)

Introduced in 2008 and now four models strong, the Servopac family has steadily revolutionized unit output for concrete masonry and hardscape operators around the globe. The machines offer responsiveness, reliability, and versatility equal to the ever-growing concrete product variety today’s marketplace demands. — Besser Co., Alpena, Mich.,