NPCA QC Manual details plant certification changes for 2023

Source: National Precast Concrete Association, Carmel, Ind. 

The updated NPCA Quality Control Manual for Precast Concrete Plants is available for free download by members and non-members alike. As a management tool and technical resource for quality precast processes and production, the manual is reviewed and updated annually to keep pace with advancing technologies.

NPCA Plant Certification is recognized by 40 states and more than 75 municipalities coast to coast. The NPCA Quality Assurance/Quality Control Committee has approved the following section or editorial changes to the 2023 QC Manual: Section Dry-Cast Concrete – Added requirements; Section 4.6.5 Plant Requirements – Added option to requirement; and, under Section, NPCA Certified Plants are required to review their plant-specific QC manual. It is recommended that the plant complete this review by including a review of all critical section that apply to the products produced at the plant.