Turbine blade recycling process yields concrete-grade fiber

Source: Travero, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Iowa-based Regen Fiber has announced a patent-pending process to recycle wind turbine blades into concrete or mortar reinforcing fiber. The company’s namesake product increases the strength and durability of pavement, slabs on grade and precast elements. Regen Fiber also produces microfibers and additives from blade components for use in a range of composite, concrete, soil stabilization and asphalt applications.

Regen Fiber offers Recycled FRP Fiber (here) and Micro Fiber products for cast-in-place or precast concrete.

The company is part of Travero Inc., a subsidiary of Wisconsin electricity and natural gas supplier Alliant Energy Corp. In 2021, it began piloting recycled fiber production at a Des Moines facility, enabling work with concrete customers on performance testing and validation. It is presently building a larger production line at the Alliant Energy Big Cedar Industrial Center in Fairfax, Iowa—adjacent to the Travero Logistics Park Cedar Rapids. At full production, the facility will approach 30,000 tons of shredded products annually—sourcing spent blades from a American Clean Energy Association-estimated universe hovering 70,000 U.S. wind turbines. 

“With tremendous growth projected in the wind industry and an increasing number of turbines already reaching the end of their approximately 20-year lifespan, Regen Fiber is entering the market at the perfect time,” says Travero Director of Business Development Jeff Woods. “Recycling blades without using heat or chemicals while simultaneously keeping them out of landfills or being burned supports the sustainability goals of both the wind power industry and customers receiving the recycled products.”  —  www.regenfiber.com

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