Braided hydraulic hose

Two-wire braided Aeroquip by Danfoss EC881 Dynamax hose is engineered to offer reliability and extended service life, reducing maintenance time, costs and waste. Suiting small equipment, it is available in -4 through -24 sizes (0.25- to 1.5-inch inner diameter).

EC881 outperforms standard EN 857 type 2SC hose specifications with a 35 percent higher pressure rating, 26 percent higher operating temperature, eight times more abrasion resistance, 67 percent greater flexibility (⅓ SAE bend radius), and five times more impulse life (1 million qualified impulse cycles). Such benefits stem from Dura-Pulse inner tube technology, hybrid wire braid reinforcement, and Dura-Tuff cover.

“A hose’s working pressure, flexibility, and lifetime are key selection criteria for original equipment manufacturers. But any improvement in one factor typically weakens another factor. With our EC881 hose, we’ve optimized the tube, reinforcement, and cover layers to deliver the highest across-the-board ratings among EN 857 type 2SC hoses. Manufacturers no longer need to compromise—they can have the hose with the best pressure, bend radius, and impulse cycle performance,” says Danfoss Product Manager, Rubber Hydraulic Hose and Fittings Scott Bauman.

With its higher pressure capabilities, he adds, EC881 hose can replace heavy, rigid four-wire spiral hose in certain applications, providing a direct cost savings of up to 30 percent as well as several design benefits. Braided hose is more flexible than spiral hose, which may enable OEMs to reroute and reduce hose assembly lengths, contributing to further cost savings. Braided hose is also lighter in weight, which reduces overall machine weight, while potentially improving fuel efficiency. — Danfoss Power Solutions, Ames, Iowa, 515/239-6000;