VCNA parent company unveils a new signature

The parent of Votorantim Cimentos North America, Toronto, bills a new corporate brand as more contemporary and representative of the diversity of its people, products and businesses, and “combining tradition, innovation and a vision of the future.” The new visual identity seeks to connect Votorantim Cimentos’ strategic objectives and sustainability commitments with the process of transformation and growth in different segments and activities. 

Based in Brazil, the producer operates in 11 countries, offering products and services in construction, agribusiness, waste management, circular economy and logistics markets. Votorantim Cimentos North America operations are concentrated in the Great Lakes Region, especially serving the major markets of Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee and Toronto. 

“Votorantim Cimentos is on a journey of evolution and transformation. We redefined our strategy, revised our culture, grew, and expanded. This long-term vision opens new paths and new areas of activity through the development of products and services to meet the needs of society,” says Global Head of Corporate Communications and Branding Geraldo Magella. “We want to create changes while remembering our history—hence the need to translate all this into a new brand, which communicates everything we do, from ground level to the highest point in a city.” 

The Votorantim Cimentos rebranding project was led by FutureBrand of São Paulo. The new shape of the brand’s “V” honors the company’s legacy and introduces a new perspective that simulates a movement toward the future. By combining new colors with new graphics and fonts, the new visual identity reflects “solidity and flexibility.”

“Votorantim Cimentos believes in sustainable growth through solutions that can generate a positive impact and genuinely connect with people. And the path to tomorrow starts there,” observes FutureBrand Director André Matias. “This rebranding process puts the company in a position to meet the complexity and challenges that lie ahead. It reflects the tradition and strength of Votorantim Cimentos with a focus on innovation and the future.”