QMC machines 30-ton tractor mount boom truck

QMC Cranes’ new tractor mount boom truck, the 4554S, affords manufactured-concrete producers the ability to deliver oversized payloads with an unencumbered trailer and no overhead interference. The crane has a 30-ton lifting capacity and a 54-ft. long, three-section boom with 50-ft. maximum working radius. Main and auxiliary outriggers spread 20 feet and 12 feet. 

Other product features include a high pressure piston pump system, load sensing hydraulic controls with flow sharing capabilities, and an eccentric piloted gearbox for precise and adjustable backlash control. In addition, there is a load moment system that can provide readouts on loads for the hook, boom angle, and boom length.

“The 4554S is one of our most versatile cranes offered,” says QMC General Manager Brent Petring. “Whether you’re hauling precast concrete, electrical transformers, or derrick equipment, this crane can accommodate it all. You can attach virtually any trailer type to it, including flat deck, pup, custom, and single or double drop.”

“We believe the 4554S gives crane operators the ultimate control for any job by offering exceptional visibility from the operator’s seat, optional short jacking load charts, and precise control when handling heavy picks at low boom angles,” he adds. “Plus, each unit is uniquely configured to maximize performance for your application.” — QMC Cranes, Sparks, Nev., 775/507-5356; www.qmccranes.com