Charah projects nine-year, 4.3 million-cu.-yd. ash contract timeline

Source: Charah Solutions Inc., Louisville, Ky.

Charah Solutions is preparing to kick off one of the largest contracts in its 35-year history: Excavation of approximately 4.3 million yd.3 of coal combustion residuals impounded across multiple basins of an established Southeast utility account. With an anticipated Q3 2022-2031 horizon, it also stands to be one of the company’s longest projects in duration. 

Charah officials see up to 3.9 million yd.3, or 90 percent of the basin deposits, removed and earmarked for beneficiation to concrete-grade fly ash. The remaining volume, comingled CCR and soil materials, will be transferred to lined landfills. Charah Remediation & Compliance services work will incorporate geotechnical engineering, global stability analysis, engineered design excavation, water management, and site infrastructure development.

“Charah Solutions has decades of proven experience and expertise to handle every regulatory, engineering and technical issue related to CCR ash pond management, excavation, and eventual final closure,” says CEO Scott Sewell. “This remiation project is further evidence of the trust that our partners place in us to help them address environmental challenges.”

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