Monolithic curb maker

Concrete roller screed manufacturer has introduced the Badger Curb Maker for monolithic pours. Designed to seamlessly shape and finish curbs after another device screeds the flatwork, the battery-powered machine supports user efficiency and reduces the need for extra equipment, transportation and labor.

“There has been a growing demand for monolithic pours from operations both large and small as they look to improve their efficiency,” says Curb Roller Manufacturing Sales Manager Seth Ulmer. “The Badger Curb Maker increases productivity for curbing work by up to 150 percent. This product turns a once tedious task into a quick procedure that can be completed by almost anyone on a jobsite.”

Contractors have traditionally completed monolithic concrete pours by one of three methods, he adds: slipform paver, hand shaping or face forming, the latter two requiring highly skilled labor and more materials. Powered by a 12 amp-hour DeWalt battery, the Badger Curb Maker offers a cost-effective alternative and can provide consistent results with less reliance on operator skill level. With monolithic pours, contractors skip the step of an additional pour before placing and finishing the curb. 

Once concrete is poured and the flatwork is completed either by a roller screed or a laser screed, the Badger Curb Maker is positioned along its perimeter to form the concrete to the curb shape. One operator oversees the equipment by wearing an adjustable waist belt to guide and pull the machine as it spins in the opposite direction to put the concrete in place. Another crew member manages the mix with a rake or shovel to ensure the correct amount is in front of the machine. — Curb Roller Manufacturing, Fairview, Kan., 785/467-3132;


United Kingdom concrete formwork specialist K-Form has enlisted Omnis Panels LLC to distribute its plastic shuttering system in the United States. The distribution agreement will provide customers access to a screed rail suiting concrete pavements or building slabs. The system works up to four times faster than traditional steel or timber concrete formwork, K-Form engineers contend, and does not require removal after pouring.

“This strategic partnership will substantially enhance our product offerings within the construction industry. The labor and cost savings K-Form offers customers is unparalleled,” contends Omnis President Beau Preston. — Omnis Panels LLC, Chicago, 630/355-4040;