Safety cap specialist documents rebar, stake impalement liability

Sources: J-Cat Safety Products, Temecula, Calif. 

A new J-Cat Safety Products white paper addresses the use of rebar, metal forming stake and exposed bracket caps for California concrete practitioners and peers subject to Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. “Impact of Plausible Deniability” describes the financial consequences, starting at a reported $18,000, employers might face if they fail to comply with OSHA and California-OSHA provisions surrounding bars, stakes or brackets prevalent in concrete work. 

“As we spoke with members of the construction community, we found a lot of confusion surrounding the requirements for job site safety, specifically impalement protection,” says J-Cat Chief Operations Officer Kristin Messer. “This report should help to clear up misconceptions regarding this important issue.”

J-Cat’s J-Cap impalement protection device—the first to be certified by Cal-OSHA (C-1741-AG)—can mitigate financial ramifications should federal or state agency job site inspectors find exposed metal protrusions. “Impact of Plausible Deniability” is posted here.   —