Sika colloidal silica agent arms contractors to control slab destiny

Sources: Sika Corp.,Lyndhurst, N.J.; CP staff

The agent is applied with automatic or low pressure pump sprayers and must be worked into slabs immediately after application.

Nanotechnology driving deployment of particles far smaller than those typical of cementitious materials augments the latest addition to Sika’s line of concrete admixtures for improving slab on grade performance. A colloidal silica topical agent, SikaCem-190 Concrete Control is spray applied during floating or troweling to maintain adequate moisture and reduce premature set risk. The non-filming, low VOC product suits plain or colored slabs and those treated with dry shake hardeners. 

Sika engineers underscore SikaCem-190’s potential to react with the entire mix and extend workability; lubricate slab surface; promote proper hydration plus flatter, thicker, denser cream cap; reduce surface crazing and efflorescence; and, improve abrasion resistance.

“SikaCem-190 Concrete Control puts the contractor in charge of workability and timing of the finishing process,” says Vice President, SikaColor Adam Jordan. “[It] represents our continuous investment in innovation and new technology in the leading decorative concrete marketplace.”  —