Admixtures target finishing, strength, waterproofing

Euclid Chemical launched three new admixtures at the World of Concrete, each developed to respond to engineering and construction professionals’ evolving needs. The liquid Eucoshield is designed as an integral finishing aid that prevents rapid moisture loss from the concrete surface by binding the internal water in the pore structure. It is especially effective for operations performed in direct sun, high wind conditions, and elevated temperatures or low relative humidity. Eucoshield can also be used to reduce excessive bleeding and segregation of concrete or mortar. Free of added chlorides or chemicals known to promote reinforcing steel corrosion, the agent is compatible with most air entraining, set retarder and conventional or polycarboxylate-based water reducer or superplasticizer admixtures. 

  Eucon Eco-Strength improves both early- and late-age strength development in concrete. Based on a highly engineered admixture technology that facilitates cement hydration, it advances sustainable construction practices through potential reduction of total cementitious content. Maintaining compressive strength development equivalent to that of a reference mix containing more cementitious material is important in construction projects whose principals require carbon dioxide emissions and total embodied energy reduction. Eucon Eco-Strength is particularly effective where heat is present while curing, allowing earlier stripping of forms or restoring the serviceability of concrete repairs.

A liquid integral crystalline waterproofing admixture, Eucon AM-10L is formulated to interact with capillary pore structures to provide a system that greatly reduces the permeability of concrete through the formation of tiny crystals that block the pores. It can also seal microscopic cracks and work in tandem with other products like sealers to create a structural waterproofing system. Eucon AM-10L can be used in both above- and below-grade concrete conditions. — Euclid Chemical, Cleveland, Ohio,