Cemex USA raises Rocky Mountain region PLC output

Source: Cemex USA, Houston

Continuing an enterprise-wide ramp up of carbon-wise solutions, Cemex USA has increased production of portland-limestone cement at its Lyons, Colo. plant. The facility began finishing the Type IP powder 15 years ago and is on track to see the material become the primary output by midyear. 

PLC can offer carbon dioxide emissions reduction up to 10 percent when compared to ordinary portland cement due to the blending of finely-ground limestone with clinker. In addition to Lyons, Cemex USA has increased PLC capacity at its Brooksville, Fla., and Demopolis, Ala., cement plants, and plans to step up or commence production of the eco-friendly product at other mills in the coming months.

“Cemex is committed to being a leader in climate action, and we have aggressive emission reduction goals designed to positively affect our industry,” says Cemex USA President Jaime Muguiro. “Increased production of portland-limestone cement is just one element of our plan to reduce our carbon footprint. By making the lower carbon solution more available, our customers can help provide an even broader and effective impact.”

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