Fiber-reinforced repair mortar

Formulated for vertical and overhead concrete, Carbocrete 4010 can build up to a 4-in. thickness to repair and resurface the most deteriorated structures or elements. The list of target applications is extensive, but the product is specifically effective for water and wastewater structures. A quick-setting feature allows Carbocrete 4010 to be topcoated with companion Carboline high-performance linings in as little as six hours, making it suited for job site production. 

“Within water/wastewater infrastructure, concrete is the predominant substrate. In many cases, surfaces are in desperate need of repair,” says Carboline Market Manager, Water and Wastewater Brian Cheshire. “Carbocrete 4010 is an excellent addition to our family of resurfacers, which help repair, rebuild and restore concrete substrates before applying lining systems.”

In addition to its application properties, the fiber-reinforced repair mortar exhibits low shrinkage, high bond strength and low permeability, which are all critical features in high moisture and underground environments. Carbocrete 4010 is also NSF 61 approved for applications involving potable water. — Carboline Co., St. Louis, 314/644-1000;

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