Compact utility loaders

Company has added to its Dingo tracked machine series the compact TX 700 and larger TX 1300 models. The former suits work within tight space confines; packs 700 pounds of rated operating capacity into its small footprint; and, is equipped with Dingo TX 1000 traction controls plus stand-on platform. 

The Dingo TX 1300 features an exclusive Intelliscope loader arm with SmartLoad technology, giving the operator an additional 26 inches of reach. A 109-in. hinge pin height allows for loads to be lifted up and over the side of a dumpster or truck. Engineers integrate the hydraulics and loader arm functions into one thumb-operated controller for easier, more accommodating operation. One hand can be used to operate the loader arm and auxiliary attachments, the other to operate Toro-patented traction controls. The feature makes it more manageable to pick, place and dump loads all day long. 

Dingo series attachments include multiple types of buckets, adjustable forks, leveler and utility blade. A pressure-relieving quick coupler system makes connecting attachments a breeze. — Toro Co., Bloomington, Minn.,