Royal cast

The Arena chess set is available internationally at

IntoConcrete has announced the latest addition to its interactive collection – the Arena concrete chess set. A modern interpretation of the age-old game of chess, Arena is inspired by the architecture of the Roman amphitheatre. Designed by Material Immaterial Studio in partnership with IntoConcrete, the set includes a board and 16 distinct concrete pieces, each handcrafted with stately detail to elevate the player’s Experience.

For collectors, players and appreciators, the Arena offers a unique, refined and more minimal aesthetic, enhancing the game itself and interior spaces. The finely carved concrete ring around the perimeter of the board offers an impressive stage for battle, an architectural and design feat that is matched only by each exquisite player. These pieces appear to wear architectural armor, each representing their position in the army, offering a showdown of light and dark.

“We are delighted to finally share with you our latest collaboration with Material Immaterial Studio: Arena,” says Mario Guagnelli, founder of IntoConcrete. “Late last year, we challenged MIM Studio co-founder Nitin Barcha to make something unique that everyone would love. At the time, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ was one of our favorite films, so a chess set was a natural choice. MIM Studio has wowed us with Arena, a breathtaking new design handcrafted by Nitin’s team in Mumbai.”

IntoConcrete has gained recognition in the design space for its exceptional ability to find artisans and creators that understand how to infuse light, warmth, and wonder into the medium of concrete, he adds. A viral success on TikTok for their FLÎKR Fire2, IntoConcrete offers a curated selection of objects, accessories and decor for every style and aesthetic.

Arena is the latest addition to IntoConcrete’s interactive collection, a compilation of functional, interactive art, handcrafted by small studios all over the world. Together with Material Immaterial Studio, IntoConcrete has already brought its art to homes all over the world with the SPACES and the Factory collections. Now, IntoConcrete aspires to do the same with the unveiling of Arena, a versatile, elegant piece that will be a unique addition to any home.