Hardscape North America Education returns to virtual platform

Following the success of its inaugural Virtual Hardscape North America Education Event earlier this year, the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) will host another power-packed two days of distance learning for landscape and hardscape professionals. Experts are once again offering their knowledge and experience virtually in an interactive, January 25-26 event that includes an expanded five learning tracks with ample continuing education credit opportunities. The 2022 Virtual HNA encompasses these tracks and sessions:


  • Installing Landscape Lighting for Hardscape Projects – Jim Frederick
  • Top Differences Between ICP and PICP Installation – Robert Bowers
  • Cleaning, Sanding and Sealing Pavers – Jay Krech
  • Installing Natural Stone – James Fitzsimmons
  • Installing Porcelain in Pool and Spa Applications – Marc Larsen


  • Installing Raised Patios and SRWs – Frank Bourque
  • Beginners Guide to Construction Math: Areas and Volume – Bryan Horr, P.E.
  • Hardscape Installations in Tight Quarters and Challenging Sites – Frank Bourque
  • Pedestal Porcelain Installations Demo – Marc Larsen
  • Advanced Techniques in Patterns and Borders – Dan Hughes


  • Roundtable: Recruiting and Other Tricks of the Trade – Frank
    Bourque, Jeremy Martin, Harrison Woytko, Dan Hughes
  • Succession Planning – Jerry Gaeta
  • Managing for Success: Striking a Balance Between Doing and
    Managing – Leslie Shiner
  • Grow Your Business by Adding Professional Design Services –
    Frank Bourque
  • Estimating Hardscape Projects with Confidence – Jerry Gaeta


  • Roundtable: Getting Your Word on the Street – Kathy Granger,
    Sam Gembel, Charissa Farley, Derek Whisenand
  • Better Marketing, Better Employees: The Secret Weapon to
    Recruiting – Corey Halstead
  • Using Time-Lapse Videos, Drones, and Other Media for Sales
    and Marketing – Tom Gardocki
  • Creating Authenticity in Marketing – Steven Hawkins
  • Emotional Marketing for Hardscaping – Kathy Granger


  • Roundtable: Selling in Today’s Environment – Trevor Fearn,
    Josh Barnes, Donny Duke, Steve Nelson
  • Enhancing Your Customer’s Experience to Build Loyalty – Gary Ross
  • Keys to Successful Contractor/Distributor Relationships –
    Ed Fioroni, PhD
  • Selling in a Digital World – Corey Halstead
  • How to Make a Compelling Sales Offer – Gary Ross

Discounted early bird or team registration for 2022 Hardscape NA Education continues through December 31. Preparing design, sales and installation teams for a busy season, regardless of their level of experience, ICPI affirms, should include best-practice training and timesaving tips from course leaders with many years of project and business building experience. The Institute has assembled a Virtual HNA instructor team that will deliver accordingly. Program and registration details are available at https://icpi.org/virtual-hna.


Whether new to the industry, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, Besser Co. and the World Center for Concrete Technology have tailored a Blockmakers Workshop course to fit every industry professional’s need. Located adjacent to Besser headquarters in Alpena, Mich., the Center is well equipped to host intensive Blockmakers training sessions—all taught by Besser veterans and guest presenters. Each week-long course combines classroom and hands-on learning, affording students real-life antidotes that drive points home. Nine information-rich sessions are scheduled next year:

  • Concrete Masonry Technology, January 31-February 4 and September 26-30
  • Advanced Concrete Masonry Technology, October 3-7
  • Vibrapac, January 24-28 and October 24-28
  • Advanced Vibrapac, February 21-25 and October 31-November 4
  • Electronic Controls, February 29-March 4
  • Executive Session, July 19-21

Students completing each course will possess the knowledge and skills to improve their plant’s operation. Additional course details and registration can be obtained at www.besser.com/training or www.wcct.net. Students completing courses, excepting Executive Session, earn Master Blockmaker status.