Holcim-branded mix blends high performance, sustainable characteristics

Sources: Holcim AG, Zug, Switzerland; CP staff

Holcim bills its DYNAMax product, set for 2022 unveiling in North America and nine overseas markets, as “the ultimate performance concrete, delivering high strength, durability and rigidity with design freedom and sustainability” and imparting “value to all stakeholders across the construction value chain, from architects and designers to homeowners.”  

“DYNAMax advanc[es] our global range of innovative and sustainable building solutions. With today’s population and urbanization trends, it is an ideal material to build smarter cities. It offers high performance to build more with less with no compromise on aesthetics and functionality,” says Holcim CEO Jan Jenisch.

The latest concrete innovation emanating from the Holcim Research & Development Center in Lyon, France, DYNAMax suits applications from complex infrastructure to high-rise buildings. Its compressive strength and other engineering properties yield smart design, with thinner and longer structures and higher functionality. In building applications, the product can optimize column and slab dimensions, leading to greater floor plan variability and more usable space when compared to standard-concrete specifications. The sustainable footprint of DYNAMax reflects reduced material use, local production and short transport routes as well as its circular and fully recyclable profile.  —  www.holcim.com/dynamax

DYNAMax is premiering at the Class A Miro office building in Bucharest, Romania. Developer and sustainable building proponent Speedwell saw the specification enable a reduction in concrete volume for the core by one third when measured against conventional mix alternatives. Rendering: Speedwell