Rubber lining adhesive

Linatex liner manufacturer Weir Minerals has partnered with world’s largest adhesive producer, Henkel, and its Loctite team to develop a solvent-free adhesive for rubber lining applications with zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The custom-formulated Linatex Loctite – Lina 88 rubber adhesive range sets a benchmark for bond strength by exceeding the current British Standard by up to four times.

Weir Minerals will be specifying the new formulations for all Linatex applications. The entire range is non-flammable, safe to use, easy to transport and does not require any special handling or storage. It can also be sprayed over the top of rubber linings to provide solid UV protection. The enhanced strength of the Lina 88 range coupled with the long wear life of Linatex premium rubber, product developers note, yields a sustainable solution for extended equipment protection. — Weir Minerals;,