Silica-free compound premiers for slab hardening, densifying

A graphic mimics the structure of a concrete matrix treated with the Fortify ionic transfer process.

Utah-based slab treatment compound specialist Convergent Concrete Technologies bills its newest offering, the STRiON series, as a revolutionary new method of surface densification and hardening. Instead of silica, the formulation uses an ionic transfer process to disperse deep into concrete to make it more resilient, resistant to traffic, dustproof, easy to clean, and prepped for polishing. Applied to new or existing concrete slabs in temperatures as low as 25°F, the STRiON Fortify agent covers 450 to 650 square feet per gallon. Along with one-gallon jugs, it ships in 5-, 55- or 275-gal. pail, drum or tote.

“It’s the single biggest advancement I’ve seen in more than 40 years in this industry,” contends Convergent Founder Dal Hills. “STRiON products are the easiest densifiers to apply—and the most efficient, which is a boon for contractors, facilities managers, owners, and architects.”

While the technology makes ease of use a standout benefit, he adds, that feature equates to major efficiencies. Application is clean and simple the first time, with no need to fix errors or remove excess material from over-application. With little risk of error, projects stay on time and on budget.

Fortify will be the first series agent commercially available. “STRiON:Fortify transforms our understanding of the densifier market, evolving away from the silica-dependent reactions of the past. This is like introducing a brand new mode of transportation rather than putting new wheels on the same vehicle,” says Convergent’s Kason Hills.

“Nothing’s ever come close to the performance and ease of use we’re seeing with this technology.”

STRiON joins a dynamic line of hardeners, densifiers, finishes and coatings. Its commercial debut dovetails Convergent’s recent acquisition by Meridian Adhesives Group, a global force in adhesive technologies and solutions serving infrastructure, flooring and industrial markets. — Convergent Technologies, Orem, Utah; 801/375-2280;