Zimmerman brings volumetric delivery cycle under one digital umbrella

Zimmerman Industries, a key player in volumetric mixer trucks, has teamed with Silicon Valley software developer LogiMove to launch a web portal and app-based solution for concrete delivery fleets. The LogiMove application helps manage orders, dispatching, mix designs, truck inspections, drivers, delivery notes, invoicing, and job site photo archiving.

Initial set up is done through a web portal in a home or headquarters office, allowing managers or administrators to add customer lists, drivers, trucks and multiple mix designs. Drivers use the LogiMove app on their iOS or Android devices, transmitting all data to the office in real time; informing dispatchers of vehicle location and amount of concrete materials remaining in the truck; and, allowing accounts payable staff to generate invoices upon job completion. 

“Several of our customers expressed their frustration in having to use various programs to manage their concrete delivery business,” observes Zimmerman President Jerry Stoner. “With their input, we developed this solution, using an office-based web portal for the management aspect of the business and the app for the truck drivers.” The combination, he adds, “is ideal for both small and larger fleets.” — Zimmerman Industries Inc., Ephrata, Pa.; 717/733-6166; www.zimmermanindustries.com; LogiMove Inc., San Mateo, Calif., 475/266-7000; www.logimove.com