Oldcastle APG closes on consummate target: EP Henry

Sources: CP staff; Oldcastle APG, Atlanta

Oldcastle APG has deepened its paver, segmental retaining wall and concrete block production and distribution footprint throughout Mid-Atlantic markets, acquiring New Jersey-based EP Henry. The June 21 transaction nets seven sites across the Garden State, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. They align with Oldcastle APG’s existing portfolio and fortify its manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the region for decades. 

Founded in 1903, EP Henry is astutely managed, steeped in product development, and attuned to consumer and specifier demands in one of the country’s most competitive markets for hardscapes. The producer appears to check the key boxes that have guided Oldcastle APG acquisition teams for more than three decades.

EP Henry has remained among the Mid-Atlantic market’s strongest hardscape players by consistently evolving paver and wall unit color, texture and shape offerings.

“Across four generations, EP Henry has stood the test of time as a thought-leader in the hardscapes and masonry industries, bringing families together through best-in-class outdoor living spaces,” says Oldcastle APG President Tim Ortman. “I look forward to working with the EP Henry team to ensure a seamless transition for customers.”

“For nearly 120 years, our family has sought to make the best quality products,” adds EP Henry CEO J.C. Henry. “Oldcastle APG[‘s] commitment to quality and service complements our own. As this new chapter in our history unfolds, I am confident customers will experience nothing but the best from EP Henry for years to come.”

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