Messaging service provider Zello raises driver-dispatch communication

Sources: Zello Inc., Austin, Texas; CP staff

The developer of a voice messaging service that enables communication and collaboration for workers, teams, and businesses has increased its construction materials fleet offerings. Through Dispatch Hub, Zello modernizes dispatcher-driver communications with push-to-talk technology, dispatcher workload sharing, call queuing, location tracking, and message replay.

The full release of Dispatch Hub, announced at World of Concrete 2021, follows program testing in LafargeHolcim operating companies. Among construction materials producers, LafargeHolcim, Cemex USA, Knife River Corp., Martin Marietta Materials and Silvi Group have been early adopters of the flagship Zello service, which replaces a traditional radio with smartphone or tablet—extending the communication range to anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular data service. Leveraging that capability, Dispatch Hub enables dispatchers and drivers to communicate in near real-time over long distances, often in dynamic operating environments. 

By placing dispatch operator and driver calls in a queue, Zello officials note, Dispatch Hub enables a more streamlined and less stressful communication workflow: Dispatchers can prioritize calls as a team, distribute call load, and focus on one message at a time. Drivers receive fast, reliable, one-on-one replies to their messages so they can focus on the road and the customer. And, companies can operate better as Zello analytics pinpoint call wait times, consistent problem areas, plus real-time map and traffic data to help raise dispatch center performance, achieve cost savings, and realize better return on technology investment. 

“The world of drivers and dispatch operators involves a constant state of movement, multi- tasking, and navigating unpredictable situations. Drivers are primarily occupied with driving and traffic safety, while dispatchers have to track schedules, field customer requests, monitor three to four different software platforms, and serve as a lifeline for a fleet of drivers on the road, providing guidance and information to assist them in their mission,” says Zello CEO Bill Moore. “Great dispatchers need effective tools to prevent overload, distribute call loads across a team, and ensure drivers are answered quickly—even at the busiest times. Our new Dispatch Hub feature streamlines and simplifies this entire process.” —


Among key Dispatch Hub features and functions, Zello underscores: 

  • One-to-One Calling, ensuring dispatcher one-to-one talk with any driver without talking over other drivers. 
  • Message Replay, allowing for the replay of any incoming message, ensuring there’s no such thing as a missed call.
  • Broadcast Messages, combining the power of radio broadcast with the efficiency of one-to-one communication. Emergency alerts and other company- or team-wide announcements can be broadcast to a large group.
  • Call Received Alerts, informing drivers their message has been received so that they can remain focused on the road.