Sensors, software-rich platform automates concrete data collection

A new, fully autonomous data collection option has joined the company’s concrete slab or structure temperature and maturity monitoring system. With Command Center AutoCollect, producers, builders, subcontractors, testing firms, owners or owner agencies, engineers and architects can measure and log concrete temperature history, calculate maturity, and evaluate in-place strength while away from the jobsite. By removing the necessity of on-site personnel to capture data, AutoCollect can save teams the expense and labor hours associated with manual alternatives. 

Concurrent with the AutoCollect launch is the debut of a cloud sharing platform. The secure Command Center Cloud works with or without the AutoCollect option, allowing teams to sync project files automatically across multiple devices and protect them with user privileges.

AutoCollect uses a cellular signal to automatically send sensor data to the Command Center Cloud, where teams can access it in real-time from anywhere, on or off the jobsite. Users can receive real-time alerts via text message or e-mail when their concrete approaches temperature limits or achieves estimated target strength. AutoCollect offers alternative download options and data redundancies to reduce potential loss and assure project teams their information is safe.

Getting started with automatic concrete monitoring is easy and affordable, Command Center officials note, and web-based training has simplified new customer on-boarding. Since 2003, Command Center has been used on thousands of projects across the world for all types of concrete applications. Command Center complies with ASTM C1074, Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method. — Transtec Group, Austin, Texas; 888/451-6233;

Construction teams deploy the Command Center AutoCollect technology to satisfy project requirements for temperature and/or maturity monitoring, expedite schedules, increase safety, and improve construction methods. Command Center Cloud is the platform’s newest feature.