Campaign spotlights environmental, economic benefit of concrete pavement

Florida roads can lead 14 million state-licensed drivers to pristine white sand beaches, picturesque parks, and other natural destinations. However, most drivers are unaware of the lasting effect the surface of the road they are traveling has on Florida’s delicate ecosystem and economy. What if they knew that a road surface like concrete could lessen the number of pollutants that run off into Florida waters after a thunderstorm? Or, if they realized how much their city or county could save by paving with concrete?

The Florida Concrete & Products Association (FC&PA) launched Pavewise to bring public awareness to these and other environmental and economic impacts of pavement practices. The campaign demonstrates how paving streets or highways with concrete can help preserve the Sunshine State’s natural resources and native species, some of which are threatened or endangered. Its consumer-focused website,, makes it easy for visitors to gather the vital information needed to become informed advocates for traditional road improvement practice alternatives yielding long-term environmental and financial benefits.

“The public only thinks about pavement when navigating through road construction areas,” says FC&PA President Matt Sitter. “Pavewise provides a resource that challenges them to think beyond their daily commutes and encourages them to get involved when their community is planning the next road construction project.”

Pavewise site visitors will discover how concrete pavement: Enhances water quality by absorbing rainwater and limiting the amount of polluted runoff entering aquifers, streams, and rivers; helps counter the urban heat island effect, a phenomenon where cities experience higher temperatures than less urban surroundings; and, represents a sound financial investment due to its long service life. FC&PA developed Pavewise in partnership with Orlando-based creative agency Bright Rain Collaborative.

Project. FC&PA’s Pavewise campaign frames the concrete pavement case for such contracts in financial and environmental terms.