ACI summons best practices in global learning marathon

Production skills honed during a year of virtual conference, convention and education presentations have the American Concrete Institute poised for a first of its kind gathering: 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge, a free online learning program taking participants around the world with visits to experts from 12 ACI Chapters and 12 Partners. 

“The Conference is a unique event that will highlight a unified global passion for increasing the concrete body of knowledge and advancing the best practices for using concrete,” says ACI Executive Vice President Ron Burg. “It will also emphasize the diversity of the worldwide concrete community through the variety of presentation topics and methodologies, and renew the principle that ideas for improving concrete technology come from throughout the world.” 

ACI international chapters and global industry partners will be co-hosting and moderating conference sections, enlisting area or region experts for presentations on important topics. Each of 24 conference co-hosts will moderate a stop on the journey around the world by providing two recorded presentations plus a live question & answer period. Attendees will be given exclusive access to recordings of all 48 presentations after the event. Moderating 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge are ACI Vice Presidents Charles Nmai (Master Builders Solutions) and Tony Nanni (University of Miami). Conference registration can be obtained at 

Companies or organizations interested in a limited number of Conference Supporter opportunities can contact ACI Business Development Coordinator Kim Spillane, 248/848-3197; [email protected].
The American Concrete Institute has recently approved three new position statements, joining nine others on various topics supporting state, federal or international programs, rules and regulations, particularly those underpinning ACI code development and adoption: 

Construction Volume. Creates a favorable environment, domestically and internationally, for increased construction; and more specifically encouraging or creating an environment for increased use of concrete. Includes development of programs, guidance, and requirements for concrete design and construction to better adapt to such industry trends or priorities as enhanced life safety, durability, sustainability and resiliency.

Public Good. Establishes appropriate levels of design, construction, repair, and maintenance criteria that provide for life safety, health and welfare of the public, plus property protection. Encourages, where appropriate, engaging ACI and/or the ACI Foundation to facilitate programs and activities related to the role of concrete technology in improving the built environment.

Professional and Workforce Development. Supports professional development including but not limited to education and credentialing, while engaging ACI and/or the ACI Foundation to facilitate professional and workforce development programs and activities related to concrete and concrete technology. Internally, ACI committees continue the development and dissemination of programs, services, and documents for use by firms within the concrete industry to on-board, orient, and advance worker development. 

ACI directors adopted the process of creating position statements to better allow Institute members and staff to actively engage in advocating for ACI code adoption. —