Hardware catalog; engineer’s training tool

Company’s 2021 Anchoring, Fastening, Restoration and Strengthening Systems for Concrete and Masonry product catalog serves as a comprehensive yet streamlined reference guide designed to help customers quickly identify the right products across an extensive line of construction solutions. New this year are special market appendices to support the most common product applications for light-frame construction, restoration and retrofit, bridge and marine construction, and wastewater facilities. Also new are a four-page, product-by-product code compliance reference sheet and a guide on how different stainless-steel grades perform in corrosive environments.

A bookmarked table of contents allows customers to download individual catalog sections or the entire document via the PDF posted on the Simpson Strong-Tie website. The catalog has been updated with information on new products including Titen Turbo screw anchors, Titen HD countersunk and washer-head heavy-duty screw anchors, and the crack injection family of structural epoxy products designed for a variety of concrete crack repair jobs. A new icon system facilitates quicker reference to product categories and information, and from cover to cover the catalog has been redesigned with a new look to help users easily find and recognize the products for various job applications.

Written and formatted for engineers, the document is often used as a training and reference guide, featuring load tables, updated code information and robust product pages. The product pages include hardware features and benefits, installation notes and diagrams, associated tools, cross references to related products, and quick links to relevant web apps. — Simpson Strong-Tie, Pleasanton, Calif., www.strong-tie.com/concrete