Hearing, eye protection

Banded Ear Plugs are designed to provide all-day comfort. The adaptable design for three-point wear allows users to set the band above their head, below their chin, or behind their neck. The low-profile band securely fits to the wearer’s head and can be easily adjusted and pivoted when worn. Interchangeable foam and flanged ear plugs both protect users against hazardous jobsite noise. The latter are designed to quickly fit the ear, allowing users to get back to work faster while still achieving a proper seal and providing a Noise Reduction Rating of 26. Equal to an NRR of 25, the foam ear plugs have a tapered shape to fit inside the ear canal as their soft, comfortable cap material expands quickly for a secure seal.

Separately, the manufacturer has designed new safety glasses for extended wear, owing especially to comfortable temple arms. The series is available with yellow lenses, making environments appear brighter and suiting lowlight conditions; gray lenses optimized for indoor and outdoor; plus, clear or tinted lenses. Anti-Scratch Safety Glasses have a durable hard coat to protect the lenses from the common demands of the jobsite and a flexible nose bridge for extended comfort. Anti-Scratch Magnifying Safety Glasses support easy reading and clarity on the jobsite. Anti-Scratch Magnifying Safety Glasses have the hard coat plus clear lenses in magnifications between +1.00 and +3.00 diopter. Fog-Free Safety Glasses are geared for all-day comfort, and have a flexible nose bridge plus treated lenses to maintain clear vision. — Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., Brookfield, Wis., www.milwaukeetool.com/ppe