Daimler Truck to free Freightliner, Western Star of formal Mercedes-Benz ties

The German parent company of Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) in Portland, Ore. has outlined a separation plan, scheduled to be consummated late this year, positioning Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG as independent businesses, each with technology-heavy missions accompanying their passenger and commercial vehicle offerings. Daimler AG shareholders and the renamed legacy business will become respective majority and minority owners.

Western Star’s new 49X and the Freightliner SD Series anchor the Daimler Trucks North America on/off-road model portfolio. PHOTOS: Concrete Products

Management presents the Daimler Truck proposition as “Unlocking the full potential” for the world’s top player in commercial vehicle production; helping the brand lead an industry transformation underpinned by powertrain and autonomous driving advancements; and, enabling DTNA to expand its “market position and profitability.”

“Daimler Truck supplies industry leading transportation solutions and services. Mercedes-Benz is the world’s most valuable luxury car brand,” says Daimler AG Chairman Ola Källenius. “Both companies operate in industries that are facing major technological and structural changes. We believe they will be able to operate most effectively as independent entities, equipped with strong net liquidity and free from the constraints of a conglomerate structure.”