Company’s next generation tire pressure control for heavy duty trucks features a touch screen display with embedded driver training video. It is part of a Tireboss 2 package that includes GPS-enabled truck speed monitoring and auto-inflate sensors to safeguard tires; small control valve, mountable anywhere and enabling air flow up to 75 cu. ft./minute; and, unitized wheel end assemblies incorporating tire isolation valves with proven, reliable rotary unions. A one-valve Tireboss 2 adds 100 lbs. and 145 lbs. for a single and tandem axle installations.

Drake Ready Mix specs Tireboss 2 pressure control for Mack Granite-mounted Continental mixers equal to Florida’s sandy sites.

Tire pressure adjustments increase truck mobility on job sites, while extending unloaded vehicle tread life and improving ride quality. Tireboss 2 is purpose built with high quality components that ensure durability, low maintenance, and a long service life often over original or multiple vehicles. TPC International, Edmonton, Alberta; 888/338-3587;