Internal curing, recycled rock, SCC, MOE topics join key ACI reference

The American Concrete Institute has expanded the scope of ACI 301-20, Specifications for Concrete Construction, to include internal curing, mineral fillers and recycled aggregates, along with evaluation requirements for elements cast with self-consolidating mixes and structures with defined modulus of elasticity requirements. Compliance details have been updated to align with ACI 318-19, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete—providing clarity on the information that design and engineering professionals must include in construction documents.

ACI 301-20, Specifications for Concrete Construction, and the Field Reference Manual are available in printed and digital formats through

The new publication contains two checklists for incorporating ACI 301 into concrete specifications. The first indicates specific qualities, procedures, and performance criteria that must be included but are not defined in ACI 301-20, while the second identifies choices and alternatives that can be cited as requirements.

As a companion, the new ACI Field Reference Manual includes complete ACI 301-20 specifications and more than 20 selected documents on measuring, mixing, transporting, and placing concrete; pumping methods; hot- and cold-weather practice; mix consolidation; and, formwork. To assist users in navigating ACI 301 changes, ACI University will be releasing an online course, available on demand and presented by Committee 301 on Specifications for Structural Concrete members.