Hot Water

The Direct Contact Water Heater’s (DCWH) energy efficiency, up to 99 percent, stems from a heating method differing from that of a conventional boiler. The latter utilizes boiler tubes within a pressure vessel and a heat exchanger to warm water. The DCWH design, on the other hand, simplifies the energy or heat transfer by placing the process water with the combustion source. Hence, the process water is heated directly by the combustion exhaust of the natural gas or propane burner.

DCHW benefits include no required special pressure vessel permits or certified boiler inspections; no tubes to rod-out or replace; no need to chemically treat or de-aerate feed water; stainless steel construction for equipment longevity; instant hot water availability; quick return on investment; minimal equipment maintenance; reduced thermal pollution as indicted in stack exhaust temperature (> 100°F); plus, easy operation and equipment installation. — Ludell Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, 800/558-0800;